NetStudios: Online Meets Offline With the concept of NetStudios Untiedt Research / opens up a new dimension for online  research. With its WebPanel and the concept WebPanel60-6, already sets the standards in German  online-research. But certain tests could have not realized online, yet. For example: handlingtests.  Therefore provides the NetStudios with the opportunity to run online surveys in test  studios. The advantages are:  printing of the questionaire can be dropped- saving time changes of the questionare are possible until the actual start all interviews run on the Real-Time-Online-Reporting  changes of the questionaire are possible even during the time of data collection the data is available shortly after the last interview the recruiting of target groups, which do not have affinity to the Internet can be made by the  studio no influences from the interviewees can distort the results Depending on the survey, interviewees can be recruited from the Webpanel or other ways. With NetStudios we can provide our complete offline- instruments like advertisement-, degustation and  handlingtests. NetStudios is a stratgic partnership between Untiedt Research / and MS-Klein and M&K.  The NetStudios are available for you in the following cities of:  Berlin  Dresden Hamburg Cologne (2 Studios) Leipzig Nürnberg (2 Studios)  Rostock Stuttgart For detailed information contact us! 
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