Our Tools Beside the common approches of face-to-face in hall tests, home-use-tests, in-home-interviews,  telephone interviews and discussion groups, we are also offering some more innovative approaches like: Internet-surveys computer-assisted interviews (CATI, CAPI)  several computer aided conjoint measurement approaches These approaches are revolutionizing the marketing research at the moment. Internet surveys for  example do far better than conventional surveys in some product areas in terms of timing, budget &  data quality. Research on methods Untiedt Research combines its research-services with high quality standards. We invest in the  development of new methods and in the improvement on existing research concepts to hold these  standards. Online-Research Since 1998 Untiedt Research takes a leading position in the area of online research, in Germany. With  our WebPanel, we have one of the biggest German online panel, with more than 70.000 registered and  verified testers.
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