International Market Research: online and offline In a globalised world it is important to look at markets out of Germany. The enlaregement of the UE  proceeds and a single European market becomes more and more real. As a result there are many new  emerging markets with high rates of economic growth. These markets provide you new sales potentials. Many of our clients realised that already and accomplish projects in several countries at the same time.  It is not unusual, that there are inquiries or group discussions in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Rio de  Janeiro and Shanghai at the same time.  With our long experience with international market research projects we have many first-class partners  in many countries worldwide.  At the moment we dispose of testers in following countries: Germany   Austria Switzerland United Kingdom   Spain   Argentina Mexiko USA   Canada Australia Poland France Italy  Russia Ukraine China To learn more about our panels you can take a look into our newest panel book. Furthermore, we cooperate with our partners in all relevant markets worldwide. Our involvement in the online market research we characterize by solidity and innovation. Solidity  means that our methodological standards in the online research are as high as in the offline research.  Innovation stands for continuous enhancement and development of our methods. If you need more information about our services, do not hesitate do contact us.   We would be pleased to support You with further information.
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