WebPanel With the testaum.de-WebPanel we are able to take random sample for your online-survey by your  instructions In cases of recruiting interviewees from the internet, e.g. by banners, several methodical  problems can appear. Sometimes there are major divergence in the demographic structure of the  sample. Compared with our WebPanel it allows to take clean quota sampling from the internet for the first time.  Moreover by using this access panel a clear verification is possible:  The major problem with online recruitment lies in multiple participation or wrong social-demographic  personal datas, especially if attractive incentives are rattled of. These problems can be avoided with the testraum.de-WebPanel. With the WebPanel surveys in the web  are made possible up to the same standards, as it is common for telefon surveys or tests made in the  studio. Besides, Untiedt Research / testraum.de was the first to enforce the concept of direct compensation.  Panel effects can be avoided by it (e.g. No professional interviewees). By now this concept has been  enforced by others. The testraum.de-WebPanel offers wide personal particulars. Already at the time of the registration we  cover additional data, beside the complete social demography. The additional datas that we inquire  about are on the topics of attitudes, e-commerce-usage and household equipment. Because of that,  extravagant and therefore expensive screenings are unnessesary most of the times. We gladly draw up a bid without obligation about the realization of your survey in our Webpanel. Questions? Contact us!
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