Desk Research Are you a foreign company and about to enter the German market?  Do you need informations about the basic structure of the German market for further decisions on  investments? For example, your questions are: How big is the German market?  How are our chances for an entry into the market? Which suppliers and what kind of other products are already active in the German market?  What is the market share of the competitors? What are the strengths and the weak points of the competitors? How are the sales organized? What kind of trends are in the market right now? How is the volume of the market going to change?   These basic questions can often be answered without any primary studies, but just by analysing other  studies and sources. Desk Research gives you a clear and comprehensive overview: fast, effective and cost-effective. Our  specialists for Desk Research use all available sources - offline and online - and analyse all data on the  issues of your request. We offer: market analysis competition analysis and competition monitoring  supply analysis sales analysis price analysis trend analysis Use our offer for a proper decision and a successful planing.  Do you need more informations? Contact us. 
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